Patient Testimonies



My experience with Kristen was unlike any other. From the moment she welcomed me into her space to when I left I felt every sacred intention that she set for our sessions, including an intention of pure love and the greatest wellbeing for my spirit. During our sessions I felt very deeply that she was connected to what I was experiencing and spent time processing my emotions afterwards. She puts her soul into this her work and for that I am so grateful.    


Kristen, your personal commitment, dedication to growth, and your love and purpose for this work is inspiring to me and I know to everyone who is blessed to be with you!  You are divinely led and a true healer!


Hey Kristen!  I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate you.  Your presence alone in my life has opened my eyes to the element of control I possess over my heart and emotions and that's something I can't thank you enough for!  Being around you is such a fun feeling because you're so awesome and full of light!  The session was a full body experience for me, and I walked away understand myself in a way I never had before. (I even made a painting inspired by my session!) I keep telling everyone I know to book a session with you!

Anonymous testimonies

The sound of the bowls is amazing.  I still feel and hear it inside of me, the energy.  

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing energy treatment you gave me today. I feel incredible and can't wait to have another session with you. Hoping for happy and peaceful dreams tonight.  Hopefully it’s the start of a new consciousness for me.  

Dear Kristen, Thank you so much for the session!  It was a wonderful experience!  I felt the resonance all night!  

Kristen, thank you so much for seeing me on Tuesday- it made a HUGE difference and I am still feeling great!   


Thank you SO much for today. Felt so centered and blessed and definitely renewed. You have a wonderful gift and I am both grateful and honored that you are sharing it with me.