Kristen Lund uses both Tibetan and Alchemy Crystal bowls as her tools to offer sound and vibrational therapy. The sonic resonance of the bowls helps to establish and reveal a mind-body connection that improves physical and spiritual health.  


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Here are the different types of sound and vibrational therapy offered by Sound Body: 

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Tibetan Bowl session

The bowls Kristen uses are still handmade in Nepal by two specific clans who have been making the bowls for over 2,000 years. This modality of vibrational and sound therapy originated in the Far East and has been a trusted part of Eastern Medicine for millennia. Tibetan bowls can also be played on the body to help relieve pain at certain pressure points through deep vibration. The sound is deep and low. Think of the sound of chanting monks or the deep Oms at the end of a yoga practice.


Alchemy Crystal Bowl session 

Crystals have been trusted for therapy and healing since the beginning of civilization.  Each type of crystal holds it's own significance, intention and energy.  The vibrations even help the effects of the crystal amplify your own body’s energy. Kristen is an expert at choosing which crystals best fit your needs. The sound of crystal bowls is lighter and higher in pitch than the deeper resonance of Tibetan bowls. Think of the sound of hand bells or an orchestral triangle.


Combination Session

Kristen can also utilize both types of bowls in your therapy, combining the deep vibrational effects of Tibetan bowls with the specified gem-derived benefits of Alchemy Crystal bowls. This brings together both types of resonance for an all-around experience. You'll hear both deep and light vibrations from the bowls and you may also receive on-body treatment with the Tibetan bowls to relieve pain. If you're looking for a full experience, this is a great option.


Healer's Choice

If you're not sure what experience you want, you can let Kristen choose. Talk to her about your needs and what you hope to gain from your session; she can customize your experience from there.


Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and presentations vary depending on event. Kristen has done sound and vibrational therapy for yoga studios, doctors’ offices, salons, and more around the Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan areas. These are customized experiences which depend on cliental and location. If you’re interested in hosting or attending a workshop or presentation, contact Kristen below to find out more.


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