The Backstory

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It all started when…

Kristen first experienced the energetic power and potential of Sound Healing in a yoga class that featured the vibro-acoustics of Alchemy Crystal bowls. The experience was transformational and helped to bring about a demonstrable shift in her wellbeing. Subsequent work with the bowls yielded less stress and anxiety, a greater awareness of the world around her, and a sense of lightness in spirit – despite the natural burdens of life. These shifts have been lasting ones, and at times so profound it became impossible to ignore the source of this healing.

After years of rigorous personal practice with the bowls Kristen decided to pursue training and certification in vibrational healing as a way to walk in that calling and help those who could benefit from it.

Pain manifests in complex, surprising, even mysterious ways. Some view sound therapy as a purely physical practice, because of its proven record of healing. Others view it more metaphysically, because of the intentionality or mindfulness needed to facilitate the process. And still others view this in more mystic terms, in which there is a capacity to tap into one’s inner voice or soul. Kristen believes it is likely the harmony of all three that allows for healing and health.

Since becoming certified at the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder, CO, Kristen has been treating people who seek vibrational therapy for myriad reasons— whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. She is particularly adept at treating those who experience trauma, from veterans suffering from PTSD, to postpartum mothers, to those coping with divorce, stress, depression, insomnia, loss, or any number of challenges.

Kristen believes that Sound Healing is a modality that can not only help alleviate pain, but can help reveal and harness the clarity, balance, and centeredness that so many of us seek.

She looks forward to working with you.